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We take pride in providing the finest quality of water and outstanding customer service.  Purity Water offers home and office delivery as well as carry out service for our pick-up and u-fill customers.
Bottled Water Delivery or In-Store U-Fill Stations Camrose Alberta WATER COMPANY
Store Hours: Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Closed Sunday and Holidays Delivery service is available Monday through Friday 4704 49 Avenue Camrose, AB  T4V 3K9 Phone: 780.672.1992      ~     Fax: 780.672.9662
After Hour Pick-Up Locations Camrose Co-op (Downtown) Shoppers Drug Mart (Cornerstone) Speedy Fuel & Laundromat (53rd St.) U.F.A Farm Supply Out of Town: Bawlf Country Store Kingman Historical Society
If you are unable to make it to the store during business hours, filled bottles are available at our depots. Just bring them your empty bottle(s) and you'll only pay for the water.

Locally owned and operated serving Camrose since 1995.

Water Products
Camrose Alberta WATER COMPANY
Pricing:                               Purified  Spring 5 gallon bottle      $5.50    $6.00 3 gallon bottle      $3.30    $3.80 U-fill (per gallon)  $0.70    $0.80   add $1.00/bottle for delivered water   Bagged Ice - 5 lbs.            $2.75
Two Amazing Water Products To Choose From
Reverse Osmosis Purified    &    Natural Spring Water
Enjoy the convenience and savings of tokens! Available for purchase in sets of 10 for 5 gallon bottles only.   Spring delivered         $66.50 for 10 Spring pick-up            $57.50 for 10 Spring u-fill                 $38.00 for 10   Purified delivered        $61.50 for 10 Purified pick-up           $52.50 for 10 Purified u-fill                $33.50 for 10   Ask about our Senior Discount on Deliveries.
Process Description Purified Drinking Water: Purity's pure water is processed by reverse osmosis which removes water contaminants. These contaminants can include chlorine, lead, magnesium, nitrates, sulfates, pesticides, sodium, and arsenic.   Premium Spring Water: Purity's spring water comes from a protected natural artesian spring in Minburn County (Vermillion area) and contains a natural light blend of minerals.   Purity Water uses ultraviolet light and ozone as an added protection for you. These methods kill any bacteria or viruses that could be present in the water.
Dispenser Products
Camrose Alberta WATER COMPANY
Canada’s Most Hi-Tech Water Delivery Systems For Home & Office
Check Out The Newest In Dispensing Technology
The Glacier
The Everest Elite
5gal 3gal 2gal
Dispensers/Coolers: Our quality coolers feature two taps, removable drip trays, adjustable thermostats, large reservoirs, & good water flow. They come with a general one year warranty and a 2 - 5 year warranty on the refrigerant unit.
New Fun Design Covers Fridge Adaptors Available
Check out our Awesome Selection of Water Delivery Fashion Accessories
Hot/Cold Counter Coolers
Pet Delivery Systems
Counter-Top Dispensers
Classic Bottle Covers
New Fun Design Covers
We have a large supply of new Bottle Covers in a variety of styles & color schemes to match your home.
Camrose Alberta WATER COMPANY
Canada’s Most Hi-Tech Water Delivery Systems For Home & Office
Contact Us
Camrose Alberta WATER COMPANY
4704 49 Avenue Camrose, AB  T4V 3K9 Phone: 780.672.1992      ~     Fax: 780.672.9662
Camrose Alberta
We Deliver To Camrose And A 20 Kilometer Area Radius
Bottled Water Store
$355.00 ea
Hot & Cold Combination Dispensers
$335.00 ea
Cook & Cold $269.00
Hot & Cold $299.00
Avail. in White or Black
The New Bottom Load Storm
Contemporary design, attractive finish, concealed faucets and easy maintenance, the Storm is sure to dazzle in any environment. Just slide the bottle in place. No more lifting.
 Hot & Cold
 Hot & Cold
Hot & Cold
Matching Bottle Cover Available  $32.00
Increased dispensing rate and the large dispensing area add to an enhanced user experience.
Easy Cleaning Better Flo-rates
Good Flo-rates. Exceptional cooling rates and runs very quietly. Chill and Hot and Cold models have handy LED lights indicating when water reaches temperature.
The Avalanche Counter
 Hot & Cold
Cooler $265.00
Hot & Cold $295.00
The small footprint Avalanche water cooler is designed to fit conveniently on a kitchen or office countertop.
Hot & Cold Combination Dispensers
Hot & Cold Combination Dispensers
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Purity Personal Water Bottles
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Camrose Alberta


Bottled Water Delivery In-Store U-Fill Stations